Paper Hangman (android)

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Hangman a classic but addictive game.
Thousands of words and a very beautiful interface will amuse you and enrich your vocabulary.
★ Features★
✓ +50.000 words
✓ Write your word 9for 2 players)
✓ Sound Effects
✓ Statistics
✓ Difficulty Settings (Display 1st / last letter)
✓ (...more to come soon...)



Jolt: Prank & Alarm (android)

Prank or scare anyone who tries to move your mobile device. Get alarmed when somebody messes with your phone.
Jolt uses the accelerometer of your phone to detect motion and plays an alarm or funny sound instantly or after a sort delay.

Available options:
* Many sounds to choose from (siren, car alarm, scream, farts, burp and more)
* Choose custom sounds from sd (Requires a 3rd part file manager like Astro, OI File Manager, ES File explorer etc.)
* Adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector
* Choose the delay between movement and sound
* Play a sound once or every time the device moves
* and more ...

*** It can detect motion even when device is in stand-by mode (optional) ***


Physion (Education)

Physion is a Physics Simulation Software, much better and more complete than the popular (and hard to find) Physics Illustrator.
Since it is quite difficult to describe in a few words all of its features and capabilities, please watch the following video to get an idea:

Site: Physion
License: Freeware
Similar: Physics Illustrator

Click Here for a great ebook on Physics!


Browsershots (Web Design)

Browsershots is a unique online cool app that makes screenshots of your site in different browsers and different operating systems. So it can help you improve its browser compatibility. The list is endless, from windows to BSD and from Firefox to Shiretoko(!).