Jolt: Prank & Alarm (for Android)

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Prank or scare anyone who tries to move your mobile device. Get alarmed when somebody messes with your phone.
Jolt uses the accelerometer of your phone to detect motion and plays an alarm or funny sound instantly or after a sort delay.
Available options:

* Many sounds to choose from (siren, car alarm, scream, farts, burp and more)

* Choose custom sounds from sd (Requires a 3rd part file manager like Astro, OI File Manager, ES File explorer etc.)
* Adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector
* Choose the delay between movement and sound
* Vibrating during playback
* and more ...
**It can detect motion even when device is in stand-by mode**
Change Log:

1.4.1:  Trick g-sensor stay on, when screen goes off (Most phones do not need this. Some phones require this in order to work in sleep mode. Unfortunately a few devices will still not work in sleep mode due to a known android bug) 

  • Added: Customizable activation delay
  • Added: Activation Countdown
  • Added: Option to pause alarm during incoming calls
  • Fixed: Bug trying to activate even if no accelerometer is present
  • Changed: Detect motion in sleep mode is always on
  • Changed: Remove option Detect motion in sleep mode

1.3.1:  Fixed: Minor UI corrections
1.3.0:  Added: Choose custom sounds from sd
1.2.2:  Fixed: FC media player not initialized

  • Fixed: Typos on share subject and body
  • Fixed (hopefully): Rare FC on playback
  • Removed "lite" from title 
  • Added: Share Menu option (use it to recommend this app to your friends)
  • Added: The program remembers last settings used
1.1.1:  Fixed Bug: "Detect motion in sleep mode" working only after unchecking and rechecking it. 
  •  Add vibrate option
  •  Optimize some sounds (amplify, smaller size etc)
  •  Deactivate also stops playing sound
  •  Remove "Play sound once" option
  •  Default sensitivity set to 50
1.0.2: Fixed Bug: When the program activated with "play once" unchecked and a delay could sometimes put sound in queue even if it is already scheduled
1.0.1: Fixed Bug: FC due to renamed sound (puplfiction -> robbery)
1.0.0: Initial Public Release

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